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Equity Futures

Release Time:2020-06-08 05:11

DGCX Single Stock Futures (SSF) are the first International Equity Futures product in the Middle East. They provide a proxy to the price performance of Indian blue chip shares. Participants can replicate their trading and investment strategies using contracts that are traded on the DGCX platform which are cash settled. DGCX SSF caters to the need of speculators and investors seeking offshore exposure to Indian equities without foreign exchange risk.


 Trade Indian blue chip stocks via the DGCX platform

● Quoted and Cash settled in US Dollars (USD)

● Tax Free – Zero Transaction Tax, Capital Gains Tax or conversion cost

● Retail sized stocks for ease of trade with optimal leverage

● Access Indian Equity markets with clear, understandable regulations and low cost structure

● Unique trading opportunity to participate in Indian Equity markets without any Foreign Exchange Risk

● Opportunity to trade beyond Indian Market hours attracting the largest global liquidity pools

● Margin funding is held locally in the UAE while trading the Indian Markets

● Traded on a globally recognized, regulated and safe platform permitting greater participation and transparency