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Crude Oil

Release Time:2020-06-08 05:12

WTI is one of the premier oil benchmarks in the world. The use of WTI as a pricing mechanism extends far beyond its local and refined export markets. With production accounting for over 10% of global demand, and pricing accounting for over 25% of global supply, the DGCX WTI futures contract provides accessibility to the global energy market to a wider range of participants.

● Arbitrage opportunity with global commodity exchanges as well as existing DGCX Mini WTI Futures contract.

● Greater access to international energy markets with clear, understandable regulations

● Unique trading opportunity in the region to participate in global oil markets

● Larger contract size in line with other global exchanges

● USD denominated, Cash settled with a tick size of USD $10

● Tax Free – No transaction Tax and Zero Capital Gains tax

● Market hours encompassing the largest global liquidity pools

● Basis 1,000 Barrels contract, traded on a secure regulated marketplace