MetaTrader provides many elements, which make the trading much more easier and compact, thus making it one of the best platforms available on the market. Some of the main advantages are:

● MT5 provides the possibility to place 8 types of postponed or pending orders, which provides opportunity for more precise control over the open positions, and facilitates the development of more flexible investment strategies.

● In MT5 there is a clear segregation between the terms Order, Transaction and Position. The opposite positions are not offset.

● MT5 offers the possibility to choose among 21 time periods on the charts and access to 9 additional techniques for chart structuring, where the focus is in the range of 1 to 10 minutes, which is suitable for scalping techniques.

● The Market Depth module enables each investor to examine, in depth, the quotations of the respective securities – volume of securities offered at a given price.

● The economic calendar, shows a number of economic events, economic data and indicators by day and hour of the respective week.  Individual events, news and data can be extracted on separate graphs.

● The instant one click trading, enables the clients to open a position with a single click of the mouse providing clients with the opportunity to pre-determine the volume of the transaction and to sign several deals with various tools within seconds.

● MT5 provides access to the markets through mobile devices and can be installed on the mobile devices and tablets that run the operating systems iOS and Android OS.

● MT5 has an optimized “Strategy Tester”, providing the opportunity for more precise selection of investment strategies when conducting automated trading.